Monday, October 24, 2011

PHYLLOMEDUSA - Crepitate In Raorchestes Idiom

Well, I've been practicing to get worse, and by the sound of it, it's working. Frankly, life's been tough lately and it shows here. Very angerinduced recording session. But you how the saying goes "If the Last Frogs of Amphibitry are reigning, your deadskin is sagging into my mouth."  I hate you.

You Don't Learn This In High School Biology
Squelch A Tsingymantis antitra
Fungating Scarthyla Orifice III (Hylid Survival By Suction)
Mixophyes coggeri Drudge
Cyclorana Bladder Exploitation
Philautus Elimination (F.I.D. cover)
A Frog's Tear Ducts Flow Unemotionally
The Roar Of Litoria
Crepitate In Raorchestes Idiom
Limnonectes Dislodging Hollows Between The Gravel
Wakea madinika Vyhasnuta (Idiots Parade covers)
Avoidable Roadkill