Friday, September 16, 2011

Phyllomedusa - "Lunatic Girl And Her Frog" EP

As if it couldn't get any weirder.

Field Guide Smut
Toads And Gunkstink?
Piercing Myself To Be Pretty For The Micrixalid
Laughing At Abortions
Her Violent Nature Versus Some Pretty Faces
Swallowing Tadpoles, Feeling Like A Real Frog Mother
Female Counterpart To An Antagonized Aromobatid Animus
Werefrogs Of London - Warren Zevon cover
Ace Of Spadefoots - Motorhead cover (Live)

EP Lineup:
Daphneegrope - Vocals, Bass
big frog - Vocals, guitars, drums

Live lineup:
Victoria - guitar
Daphneegrope - drums
Stomacc - bass
big frog - vocals
PETeA - guitar