Monday, September 12, 2011

Culicidae & Phyllomedusa

Here spews another weird mix of speciesnoise. "Mosquito vs. Frog" I guess you could say. Really fucking obscure sounds with intentions on spreading yellow fever buzzing from Culicidae. Phyllomedusa's side being inspired by Geert hence "Species Eruption" plus two horrid live tracks. Do NOT enjoy this...

Untitled buzzing

Barbourula Lungless Praevalere
Urged Melanophryniscus stelzneri Biology
Cleaving Humanus To Gladden Thoropa
Being Strangled While You Eat Froglegs
Wall To Wall Croaking
Incessant Incapacitation Within A Frog Tank
Dendrobates histrionicus Admonishment (The Bull's Eye Morph)
Boophis andreonei (Andreone's Treefrog)
The Hogsback Chamber
Sixteen Second Frogblast Hymn Containing Praise To Cophixalus monticola
I Laugh As The Pacman Nibbles Human Brain Matter
Trembling Of Mesmerizing Throat & Underbody Markings
The Human Zoo For Amphibian Viewing Pleasure
Zoonosiis Vaccine Complications
A Sublime Brachycephalus ephippium
Why Are These Frogs Eating My Extremities? (Live from the Gold Octopus)
Espadarana andina (Live From the Gold Octopus)