Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Phyllomedusa - The Unken Reflex

Defleshed By Frogs (Specifically Barygenys cheesmanae)
A Hinderence In Making Mating Calls Not For The Fact I Hate My Own Species But Rather Because I Simply Can't (Litoria nannotis)
Whisked Albumen To Squash The Supposed Stereotype of Each Egg Having A Jelly Capsule Thus Creating A Mass Of Juvenile Chiromantis Bliss
6th & 8th Stages Of The Frog Life Cycle Interrupted By Imbecile Sapienrubbish Setting Off A Chain Reaction Of My Mentally Challenged
Brain To Further The Brutal Displays Of How Not To Treat The Human Body
(Gastric Brooding Amphibians) Non-Social Operandi Of Parental Care From The Rheobatrachus silus Compendium
Errors In Zoology Regarding Circular Tympanum
Remaining Motionless Within The Presence Of Predation Only To Amuse Myself
Subtracting Certain Glands In Exchange For A More Preeminent Lung System
The Unken Reflex
Unquestionably Male, Locating Nuptial Pads Became Severely Obstreperous As The Subject Was Not In Sexing Conditions Thus Deeming The
Concept of Darkend Areas On Forelimbs The Solution
Sitting In A Pet Store Waiting...waiting...