Monday, May 9, 2011

Phyllomedusa - A True Coalesce Of Sound & Species: The Definitive Phyllomedusa Collection

Who would ever want to have another human in their band?? Maybe as a dead mascot, but that's about it. This is the last Phyllomedusa release for now as other projects will soon emerge. Many tracks that are anything but comforting to your scum ears. Everything is from the life cycle of Phyllomedusa (2007-2011). A detailed list will follow. Have fun getting through this one...fuck off.

Those With Oddly Shaped Legs...
Daily Pressures Of A Frog Eat Frog World
Phyllobates Stuffing Their Throats With Much Larger Prey
Nocturnal Treefrog Roughhousing
Recadent Emmutab Cranwelli Culture
A Pacman's Desires
Ceratophrys Noisecore
Cut Down My Tree, You Lose A Limb
Most Beautiful Creatures
The Second Plague
Toadthrone III
Digestor Of Grasshopper
Pulsating Agalychnis Belly
Dulcifying Noise For The Frogs
Like You Don't Think About Eating Your Own Kind Either
Heavy Foam From Brain Liquids
32 Mating Calls, The 33rd Was Interrupted By Predatory Nervousness
The Stiff's Forearm Dug Into For Young Boehmantis Placement
Frozen Rib Gunk Slit With A Hand Fan
Intro - Annoying Them At Night To The Point Of Suicide
Symbols Of Birth & Death
Disfiguring The Neanderthal
Primitive Heqet Obsessions
Feeding Of Noblella
Contorted Callulina Membranes
You Pick The Amphibian, I Pick The Type Of Torture
The Slimy Killer Of Human Will
Void Of Niaut
Year-round Producing Of Little Green Killers
Worms...Minched By Sharp Catilidge
The Strawberry Rain Frog
Voracious Acts Of Frog Hunger
Frogs As Rulers II
Bokermannohyla Cruelties
Lasting Efforts Of Ear Disposal Forcing Tadpoles To Hatch In There
Nothing But Wet Sticky Paw Tracks Lead To Her Piece Of Shit Carcass
Wretching At The Sight Of The Pregnant
No Love For Human Music
Surgically Slicing Tiny Bits Of Dark Raw Liver For My Bullfrog
Procreating Out Of Instinct
An Expert In Human Back Fat Dispersing
Cro-magnon Malice Preacher
Fiddlin' Those Cophyla Blues
Toads Against The Rhythm Section
Filling The Rectum With His Own Gore Leaving Entrails & Gulpings For Me (F.R.O.G.L.E.G.)
Last Pond On The Left
Hunter-gatherer Of Fleshprimates
The Idea, Trapped Within The Macrocosm Of Melanophryniscus atroluteus
The Idea, Carving Human Legs On Special Occasions
The Idea, Intense Croaking = Head Explode
The Idea, A Biosphere King
Awakening Of The Narrow Mouth
Reborn Within the Womb of Barycholos
Mankind vs frogkind - Humans will undergo a slow death by slimy secretion
Inviolable Xenopus Basilica
Anything They Can Fit In Their Mouths
Raging Amphignathodontid Calamity
Kevin Zippel
Syncope carvalhoi
Probreviceps Uluguruensis
Ansonia leptopus
Welcome!! Enjoy Your Stay At Frogtown, Leave Head On Way Out
Hyperolius viridiflavus verrucosus
As Much Larger Females Succumb To The Voice Of Male Kaloula
Respectfully Declining Her Screeches Of Pain, I Prepare Leptobrachium For Their Munchfest
Generic Member Of A Purple Frog Cult
Pseudhymenochirus merlini
Pick Me Up One More Time Motherfucker...
Big Frog's House Of Human
Intro // Any Reason Why There Shouldn't Be Amphibians?
A Hunter's Power Trip Denied
Hindu Ghatophryne Environs
Collect The Dead Skin As Means For A Shrine (Demo Version)
Fuck Max Hell
Perez's Eyelash Frog
Indistinct Leptopelis Frequency Maximum
The Countryside Stream Strangler
Schema Of Pet Store Riots
No Threats For Albericus exclamitans
Thee Subterranae Frogman (Demo Version)
Holoaden Grassland Phantom
Unleash The Frogs II
Lost Aromobates haydeeae, Blame Agriculture
18th Frog Bite (Demo Version)
The Legitimate Swamp Thing
A Sharp Tone In Aggressive Afrixalus
The Relictivomer Illusion
Somewhat Yellow Undercarriage
My Throne Of Damp Cattails
Pseudacris Shrill Left Unheard
Gaily Patterned Females With Spotted Chests
Pointed Head, Feeding On Anthills
The Crawfish Frog's Choice Of Viand
Ascaphus Internal Fertilization (Male-specific Tail)
Connoisseur Of Blue-Green Algae
Waxy Shamanism
Sewing Up The Follicular Rupture For The Successive Acts Of Frog Ovulation II (Last Days Of Humanity)
Surinam Toad's Front Feet Manipulation Of Skirmishing Unfortunate
Unobserved Rhinophrynid Techinques
Musky Mink Frog Odor
Transmogrified Tongue For Termites
Corroboree Toadlet Pumiliotoxin
Slime Immersion III
Sorcerer Of Heretical Zachaenus
Wriggle Free Of Their Foam Meringue
Pleurodema PLEURODEMA Amedoruelp?
Physalaemus pustulosus Paunch
The Legend Of Gape Mouth (Bufo debilis)
Hyla Cream Stripe Deity
Dark Green Scinax Bones
Lankanectes corrugatus's Corrugation Of Skin
Fraudulent Eye-Gland Startle Behavior
Sapo Dorado
Oreobates lehri
Crinia parinsignifera
Ever Seen The Inside Of Insides?
Phyllomedusa camba (Version I)
Sore Fat Throat
Phyllomedusa camba (Version II)
Amphibians!! Show Your Hatred Towards Music
This Is Dart Frog Territory
Perfecting My Call Before The Big Day
Anurans For The Riddance Of Every Genre Ever

Recording info:
tracks 1-3 are from 2009 for PhylumCnidaria split that never hatched
track 4 is from 2008 right before the 8-string broke which the file name was "8STRING MEMORY" (it's since been fixed)
tracks 5-7 from late 2009
tracks 8-11 from 2007
tracks 12-15 from late 2008, was an idea I almost did called "Regulated Terrarium Muddle"
tracks 16-20 from early 2010, violent Phyllomedusa session, real drumming
tracks 21-29 from somwhere in 2011, was an idea to be a froggy version of Disfiguring The Goddess, real drumming
tracks 30-34 from 2009, different session for defunct PhylumCnidaria tape
tracks 35-48 from 2010, the idea was to have 2 drum tracks in each ear instead of guitars (one of the crazier Phyllomedusa recording sessions)
tracks 49-52 from 2009, alternate session of "Bryophryne Fermentation"
tracks 53-54 from 2010, was planning to try "Froggy-style Internal Suffering", didn't work out
track 55 from 2007, was part of the "Frogs CD-R" that never hatched
tracks 56-57 from 2009 during the Moss-inspired phase
tracks 58-59 from 2008 trying to combine noise & groove, just terrible shit
tracks 60-61 from early 2008, filename was "PHYLLOCYST7" during Anuran Slime Transplant tape days
tracks 62-64 from 2009-2010?, was supposed to be for Phyllomedusa/Panspermia split
track 65 from 2010 trying to mix anuran chaos, one song session
track 66 from 2010, one song session
track 67 from early 2008 for Purple Frog Cult tape that never made it
track 68 from defunct Phyllomedusa/Newt Dick split tape
track 69-70 from somewhere between 2008-2010
tracks 71-86 are an alternate session for "The Subterranae Frogmen"
track 87 is from 2009 for a split that I can't remember
tracks 88-115 from 2011, probably the most violent session based on how much damage the guitar took, real drumming
tracks 116-118 from 2010, started out as another frog version of Black Putrefaction
tracks 119-125 from 2011 are a mix of different ideas that were hatched around the same time