Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Apogee Of Unbridled Amphibianoise

Turns out I hate music. I fucking hate synths, and hate keyboards.  None of the three were even considered. Everything is hatched with a mic, strings, and an electronic drum kit.


olm is olm.

TOAD BIRTH is birthing up to eleven babies this time. Mass slimeinvasion must be done in simple, but powerful steps and birthing of these sorts is part of it. Chants of fallen anurans & toadbass is prominent.

Macrophagous Gilled Larvae's side contains the sound of what shall happen if you decide to explore the Amphibious Realm. Struggling within the pitch black depths of the tadpole-ridden pond only makes it worse. If anything, see your death as a step forward in amphibian conservation. Not for the sensitive humanear.

Phyllomedusa barks twenty four mating calls regarding temperature & surroundings once again. Wanting to go back to the mimicking sounds of early Phyllomedusa cassette tapes, Biocyst in frogform or "Phyllocyst", surely provokes a homo sapien in  grueling fashion without any emotional attachment whatsoever. We of a blank stare laugh on the inside towards you onlookers.

olm's Thought Processes
olm fifty-three times
Blind, But Not By Choice

TOAD BIRTH - "Humanbutchering"
Untitled eleven times

Macrophagous Gilled Larvae - "The Hellbender Shallow"
Descent To The Demesne of Tadpole Bedlam IV
Summon The Gilled Larvae!!
Pachyhynobius shangchengensis
Aura Of White Salamander
Siren lacertina (The Greater Siren)
Quick Glance At Mozambique Burrowers
Trapped Tadpole Still Maturing Within Its Egg
Neurergus strauchii strauchii (Strauch's Spotted Newt)
Axolotl Victim
Descent To The Demesne of Tadpole Bedlam V

Phyllomedusa - "Ecomonster"
Bufo marinus/Bufo verrucosissimus
Astylosternus diadematus/Leptopelis aubryioides
Crossodactylus lutzorum
Oreophrynella vasquezi
Haddadus plicifer/Craugastor yucatanensis
Alytes cisternasii
Bufo lemur
Dendropsophus anataliasiasi
Cochranella mache
Philautus juliandringi
Afrixalus knysnae/Leptophryne cruentata
Leptobrachium mangyanorum
Sechellophryne gardineri
Oninia senglaubi
Stumpffia be
Allobates subfolionidificans
Pseudophilautus extirpo
Guibemantis timidus/Tomopterna marmorata
Hemisus barotseensis
Pipa pipa
Mixophyes fleayi
Hymenochirus curtipes
Opisthothylax immaculatus
Xenopus gilli