Friday, March 25, 2011

Phyllomedusa - Rigorous Red-eyed Feeding Habits full length

This will be the last "full" Phyllomedusa release for a while. There will be more splits, and all that stupid slimy nonsense, but I will be focusing on other projects to give Phyllomedusa a calm rest. This one is basically all blasts, and could also be called "Desiccation In Progress III". Real drumming again, and wanted the snare(s) to get blended with the horrific sounds around it rather than hear every hit. I might even put this shit on iTunes/AmazonMP3 just to be a dick. I hate you...

Arise The Overpopulated Stream Mating Process
Sewing Up The Follicular Rupture For The Successive Acts Of Frog Ovulation
Bright Colors For Utter Predator Repulsion
Purposely Forcing Absolute Ranidaphobia
The Chocolatefoot (Phasmahyla cochranae)
Manifold Rubbing Sequences Of Wax Disposal
Enervated Lingering Wolterstorffina In Despair
A Humid Habitat To Remain Content
Unwanted Antibacterial Showing The Recently Held Frog Admiration
Chewed Human Remains Found In Frog Shit
Stir Fry The General Public
Disrupting A Bony-headed Toad's Dormancy
Memoirs Of Fat Throat
Impulsive Hydrolaetare Thoughts Of Resulting The Onlooker Headless
Fat Frog And A Blastbeat
Erupted Kaloula Boil Left Untreated
Proceed The Mass Mice Disposal Without Compassion
Boophis pyrrhus Grandeur
Rigorous Red-eyed Feeding Habits
Distilled Viscera Gunk As Gracixalus Treats
Educative Treatment In Amphibious Zoölogy And Finally Shedding
Fungating Scarthyla Orifice
Salmonella-Ridden Toad Grime
The Heleioporus Justifies The Means
Slime Immersion (Budgett's Frog Worm Eating Tactic)
Thunder Frog 65
Gregarious Acris crepitans
Frustrating Efforts In Phasmahyla Offspring Resurges
Somuncuria Subpopulation Against Predatory Fish
Nourishing Proceratophrys boiei To The Point Of Mental Illness
Fragrant Flectonotus Purulence
Comely Sightings Of Breviceps fuscus
Translucent Nymphargus Element
Decreasing Of Scotobleps Provokes Decreasing Of Being
Unkown Purple Frog Biology
Warty As All Fuck
Unpigmented Ghost Frog Oosphore On Wet Gravel
Patient Backpack Frog Advancement
Exotic Lifestyle Of The Big Toothed
Persuaded In Leptophryne Cannibalism
Carnivorous Nanorana
Some Edible Rodent Fragments To Digest
The Beauty Of Perfection In Sensible Frogcare