Sunday, March 20, 2011

Phyllomedusa - Purposely Inflicting Ranidaphobia

Completely lost it. All I could think about was something like this being played in the background as amphibians ran amok on earth. Creating a dichotomy between us and the civilized mammal. In fact, I totally lost it a few times. For example, at around 7:10 during "Every Dissection Retaliated", I really felt like I would truly behead someone dissecting a frog. And it felt good. I also used the old, discontinued FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz pedal and it shows. You can hear it cut out at certain spots. This shit is fucking boring, and it's fucking long. The drone tracks in "Kihansi" and "Breaking Into" are made by a guitar. No fucking synths!! For a climaxing slimelisten, it's better if played a the highest volume, braindead, and probably intoxicated. Have fun with this one humangarbage...

Disbursing Dolor To Same Species Males As A Display Of Pride
The Kihansi Spray Toad Drone
Every Dissection Retaliated
Audio Of Breaking Into The Zoo Control Room At Night For The Extrication Of Captive Amphibians
Scared Little Treefrog
Animal Acts And Other Attractions (Faeces Eruption cover)