Saturday, March 5, 2011

Phyllomedusa's "We Are Carnivores & Cannibals" CD

This slab was going to be Brodequin-based, but certainly took a weird and odd turn. Chaotic toadblasts, walls of frognoise, strange grooves, and random cover songs. This is also the second Phyllomedusa slab with real drumming. It's dedicated to one of my treefrogs that just died, "Glassy, Eater of Glass". Please do not enjoy...

Sphaerotheca Lump Multitude (Frogtro, Warn The Humans!!)
Slaves To The Pyxie
Repulsive Vermin To Some, Ravishing Amphibian To Me
Irregular Black Of Exerodonta
Without Chewing Into Pieces
Drawn en Masse
Frogman (King's X cover)
Infested With Chacophrys
Continual Spea Waste*
Corroded Hairy Frog Phenomenon*
Let's Get Croaky (Quiet Riot cover)

*Last Days of Humanity covers