Saturday, December 18, 2010

Phyllomedusa - Poise Of Blommersia III-Part comp

Here's three more slabs of humanhate. All different sessions with all different sounds. Still with all the intentions to desecrate the fleshyfilth that is people.

"Blommersia" croaks out nothing but frogroove. Blastbeats were not welcome with this one, and wants nothing more than a stomp-on-brain thought process.

"Inept Breviceps Amplex" sheds off 20 pieces of weird frognoise. It was recorded around the time Black Transsexual's "Rough Black Dominatrix", and Phyllo's "Frogs At Crystal Lake" were recorded. Hence the Anal Cake, Meno, and Toiletgurgling covers. Along with similar samples as well. Still totally different. Fuck you!!

"Untitled Frog Worship" contains a thorough lesson in hyperblast frogquencies. Strange drum sounds, strang guitars and basses. Terrible fucking croaking, and just an all around bad recording. Humans will not like this one.

Fuck you and your human-like ears!!

Phyllomedusa - Blommersia
Intro - Rib Meat Stomp & Personmunch Folklore
Of Ischnocnema Indignation
Ponderous Alsodes igneus
Smash Fucking Humanists (Strabomantis Rage)
I Want Amphibian Produced Gore
Return To Blommersia
An Ameerega bassleri Taste Test
The Poise Of Centrolene
Nullify Manmade Everything
Return To Blommersia (Tomato Frog Reprise)

Phyllomedusa - Inept Breviceps Amplex
Intro - Puke Out The Taste of People (Blistering Green Skin)
Bufotenin Hallucinogenics
Oppressed Within Subterranean Callulina dawida Chambers
Leptolalax Coarse Dorsum Granules
Agonizing Mesobatrachia Sneeze Rancor
The Black Rain Frog
Craugastor Pedicellate Teeth
Grandiose Telmatobufo Annex
Syrup From Liverseepage For My Toad's Gusto
Adult Calyptocephalella Bird Diet
Ribbit Realm III (Anal Cake cover)
Pelobates, The Explosive Breeders
Spinomantis Dysostosis (Menometrorrhagia cover)
Regurgitated Amphibian Urine (Toiletgurgling Fecal Shower cover)
I'm A Mortician With A Pet Frog
Noisy Hylodes Purlieus
Bright Blue Inner Thigh & Groin
Controlling The Water Balance With Dynamic Skin
It's Blinking Eyes Help Push The Food Down The Throat
Fuck Eat Your Pets (Eat Your Pets cover)

Phyllomedusa - Untitled Frog Worship
20 Pieces of Amphibian Worship with no titles