Monday, November 29, 2010

"Amphibians Against Humanity" Apportion

Probably the biggest and shittiest slice of amphibianoise I've done. This is for the destruction of genres, scenes, human drama, and man made anything. I tried to keep it as earunhealthy as I could. Really obnoxious, drawn out, unbearable, boring, annoying toadshit. Good luck getting through this one. It sounds "better" blasted, but what the fuck do I care. Total amphibian worship. Like bad-for-my-health-true genuine amphibian worship...

Phyllomedusa - "Cadavers In Pond Water"
Welcome To The Rainforest
Phyllobates Skin Autoingurgitation
Insouciant Rhacophorus Tree Grappling
Microhyla karunaratnei
Seldom Bufo debilis insidior
Murky Metaphrynella Corral
Tongueless Pipid Antibacterial Magainin
Genuine Ignominy For Frog-cooking Pieces Of Shit
Severe Scaphiopus Allergies (Mucus Emission & Violent Sneezing)
Collapsed Vocal Pouch
Swollen Backs Of Female Gastrotheca
The Sticky String With 73 Eggs
Remove The Human Bits From The Frog's Mouth
Ensconce In This Beautiful Mud
Pseudacris Saw-like Voice Recapitulation
Black & White Rana forreri Larvae Clinging To Submerged Debris
Nocturnal Canopy Activity
The Cinnamon Frog
Burdensome Philautus cuspis Cogitaetion
Orange Eyes & Blue Sides (Agalychnis annae)
Rhinoderma Mouth Milk
Lots Of Mortification (Goat Vulva cover)
Chop My Limbs (Fuck Humans! Part II)
Lustrous Skull-less Head Meat
The Dead Leaf Imitator
Alytes muletensis Snake Elusion
Nighttime Hypsiboas punctatus Colorations (The Polka-dot Tree Frog)
Pedostibes Backwater Accumulation & Other Unusual Arboreal Toad Feautures
Dendrobates Wrestling For Dominance
The Beautiful Pygmy Frog
Dried Chartreuse Epidermis Secretion Amalgamated With Saliva
Tear Your Fucking Buildings Down (Aggravate The Ones We Hate)
Welcome To 4 Feet Under The Rainforest

Macrophagous Gilled Larvae - "Raised By Tadpoles"
Spiral Cluster
Dense Leaf Litter Pathways
Under Stone Habitat
Completely Aquatic
Floating Insect Larvae Slayer
Growing Polliwog Limbs
Small Egg Jelly Capsule
Visually Stunning
Calling From Beneath The Surface
Backwater Habitat
Laid Young Raft Forming
Little-explored Regions
Poorly Known Hymenochirus
Plump With Blotches
Adapted For Burrowing
Unable To Control Body Temperature
Overlooked Chirping Noises
Froglet Feeding
Thriving Among Damp Vegetation
Occidozyga Seepage Areas
When Will The Rain Fall?
Hyla Fungi Perchment
Osteocephalus Toadstool Perchment
Cold Forest In Peru Welcomes Cochranella
Bromeliad Oophaga Association
Keeping Moist In A Tree Hole
Producing Amphibious Sex Cells
Globular Masses Of Jelly
Zygote Mitosis
Emerging Legless & Tailed
The Embryos Become Independent
Spherical Bodies
Absorbing The Tail
Strong Enough To Leave The Water
Do Polliwogs Hate Me?
Concentrating On Feeding And Growing
Up To The Males To Attract
Purring Litoria Calls
After-rainfall Labor
Glass Frogs In Misty Cloud Forests
Distressful Mew
Natterjack Toad Decibel Shatter
Do Polliwogs Like Flesh?
Faulty Hybrid Cells
The Frog’s Waterfall
Staurois natator Foot Flagging
Barred Leaf Frogquencies
Humid Tropic All-year Breeding
Violent Competition For Mates
Basic Abdominal Grip
Or Cephalic Ampllexus (Holding The Head)
Female Rana Ambush
Several Day Atelopus spumarius barbotini Fertilization
Bufo Ball Breed Battle
5,000 Toad Eggs
Laid In Stagnant Pools
Do Polliwogs Know What They’ll Look Like When They Go Through Metamorphosis?
Same Species Camouflage Mating Strategy
Exhibiting Sexual Dimorphism
Spotting The Nuptial Pads
Turn Blue During The Breeding Season
Dyscophus antongilii Male-to-Female Size Difference
Phyllomedusa palliata Bellies
Glued To Plants
Tadpoles Prone To Infections And Parasites
Parenting The Growing Young
Heads Clearly Visible In The Egg
Protective Coat Of Mucus
Blob Of Spawn
Dripping Into The Water Below
Otilophus pollypedates Back Leg Foam
Developing On Leaf Puddle