Saturday, October 30, 2010

Phyllomedusa - The Subterranae Frogmen comp

Imagine a world where ones of the Anurankind put out bags and bags of humangarbage for the Subterranae Frogmen to collect.

Thee Subterranae Frogmen
Thee Subterranae Frogman
Collect The Dead Skin As Means For A Shrine
Seventeen Second Noiseblast Inspired By Pedostibes rugosus
Covered With Slime As Decoration
Gnawed Into An Obliterated Pile Of Homo Sapien Goulash
Elevating Hatred Towards Those Who Eat Amphibians
Why Are These Frogs Eating My Extremities?
The Fragrance Of Rana septentrionalis
Cold Green Skin Against Soft Warm Flesh
Black Keratinized Claws of Xenopus
Growing in the Vocal Sac (Mouth-brooding)
Choked In Slimy Mange
Prehensile Tongue Mechanism
The Poison Dart Secraetion Shrouds Your Body
Behold, The Isthmohyla pseudopuma
Wobzrem Toad+
18th Frog Bite
A Definitive Passion For Sawing Human Meat Into Portions So The Frogs Can Eat Too
Garbage Bags Full Of Persons For The Frogmen To Collect

The Foam Nest EP
Cyclorana Hydrating Soilair
Bombina Mucae Occludent
Chiromantis rufescens Bioglop (The Foam Nest)
Shovel-Nosed Burrowing Praxois
Paroxysm Of Amplexic Surinam Toads