Sunday, September 19, 2010

Phyllomedusa - The Green Reaper full length

A bullfrogdozer for human ears driven by the reaper in green. Peacefully walking through insides and headmeat, this one contains sloppy drumming, bulky & bulous guitars, fuzzed & slimy bass, and terrible croaking. Visions of the green reaper inspire me to create what I think it's rampage would sound like. Cloaked in greens, browns, and various colors running amok on homo sapiens. The green reaper will gnaw on you all!!

All frog and greenery/plants/forest photos were taken by me from the Baltimore Aquarium.

Tadpole Feast On A Swollen Fetus (Metamorphic Munching Of Kidney)
Subverting Civilized Primates
A Kiss Ensues Butchered Slivers Of Lips
Ubiquity Of Coquí
Horned Megophrys Enigma (Leaf Vein Resemblance)
Come Down To The Brainforest
Inorgasmic Extinction
Semitransparent Eyelids (Typical Agalychnis Paranoia)
Playing Leaphuman With Stiff Cadavers
Cane Toad Kin Clumps
Gephyromantis silvanus (Climbing Through The Lye Of Man)
Ignoring the Non-fatty Human Filth II (Anuran-On-Bitch Lard Vittles)
Fuck Humans! (Scant Utensils For My Demonstration In Gut Abscission)
Eat Humans! II (Salted Chest Meats)
The Green Reaper
Unexpected Microhyla nepenthicola (Die Pigeon Die)
Pulling Tongues Out Of Humans To Feed My Amphibians (Hydropneumothorax)
Raped On The Bottom Of A Pond