Sunday, August 22, 2010

Squirmfest, Gruesome Toilet & Phyllomedusa

Probably one of the weirdest blendings of sound you'll come across. Noise, grooves, odd battery, gurgles & grunts, it produces frequencies for total humiliation of this waste of space we call human. This shit is just fucking dirty, slimy, gross, nasty, and repugnant. You've been warned...

Squirmfest - Unhindered Perversions

Gruesome Toilet - Open Up And Say Ahh...
Open Sore Invitation
Well Preserved Corpse
Bed Wetting Retard
High Levels Of Estrogen
Didn't know until i saw here valtrex
Wait For The Smell
Marinating In My Disease
Rot Away
Trembling Smile
Disappear In Her Fat Rolls
Cover Me In Dirt
Septification Of Your Ideals
Extremely Untidy Bowl
Euphoric Excretion
Genetic Garbage Bag
Didn't Bother To Wipe
Uterine Fatigue
Pungent Mold Aroma

Phyllomedusa - Where Frogs Learn To Croak On Command
Intro: Amphibian Phobia Creator/Telmatobius Species Attack
Would The Frogs Take Care Of Me Like I Do Them?
An Anuran Mutt (The Day Everything Became Nothing)
Magnificent Uperodon Power (Preparing For Monsoon Breeding Solemnization...Emerge!)
Hoarse Trachycephalus Throat (Wandering The Hidden Canopies...I Am Arboreal!)
Preylude: Decapitation Of The Frogeater
Frogshit Minister (Duodildo Vibrator)
Warbling Epipedobates Assonance
Where Frogs Learn To Croak On Command
Skinshedcontest (Gonorrhea Pussy)
Croak (Sister Fister)
Shrine Of Slime (Gruesome Toilet)
Warbling Epipedobates Assonance (Embryo's Slug & Frog Mix)
Where Frogs Learn To Croak On Command (Embryo's Orf Mix)
Jean's In The Pond Bloated And Mushy (Destructive Explosion Of Anal Garland)