Saturday, July 31, 2010

"FROG vs CRAB" Split (Version II) + "Litoria's Victim" demo

Let's try this again. Here's the re-recorded Phyllomedusa version of this shit. This sound is definitely more along the lines of what I wanted it to sound like. Really fucking loud, weird, shitty, froggy...perfect!!! I've also added a demo as a bonus.

Here's the first species battle I've done, and probably the last. Winner being species, the loser being people.

Crustacea Zoëa Larvae submerses 18 examples of why not to go down where these creatures are. Meant to be listened from start to finish, but it doesn't fucking matter.

Phyllomedusa also hops around and provides 19 ways to extinguish persons while eulogizing Last Days Of Humanity.

Crustacea Zoëa Larvae - "The Liquid Path"
Realm Of The Mermaid’s IX
Blue Blood
Mermaid’s Noisy Realm XLIV
Coenobita clypeatus
Mermaid’s Noisy Realm XLV
Exoskeleton Of The Glypheoid
Mermaid’s Noisy Realm XLVI
Erimacrus isenbeckii (The Horsehair Crab)
Mermaid’s Noisy Realm XLVII
Antrimpos speciosus
Mermaid’s Noisy Realm XLVIII
Sand Flea Eggs
Mermaid’s Noisy Realm XLIX
Argulus onodai (Parasitic Crustacea)
Mermaid’s Noisy Realm L
Ocypode simpsoni
Mermaid’s Noisy Realm LI
Realm Of The Mermaid’s X

Phyllomedusa - "Desiccation In Progress"
Covered With Slime As Decoration II
Fungating Scarthyla Orifice
Corroded Hairy Frog Phenomenon
The Beauty Of Perfection In Sensible Frogcare
Fragrant Flectonotus Purulence
Some Edible Rodent Fragments To Digest
Driven By Motivations Of Frog Eater Hatred
Preservation Of Hemiphractus Carrion
Exceeded In A Frenzied Mating Mayhem
Prolapsed Agalychnis Bowel Repair
Infinitive Desiccation In Progress
In The Wards Of Large Scaled Dendropsophus
Allowing The Gnawings For Human Delicacy
A Manual Of Befitting Ways In Which To Observe The Spadefoot
Continual Spea Waste
Carnivorous Nanorana
The General Attributes For Partial Triprion Tadpole Separation
Persuaded In Leptophryne Cannibalism
The Lumberjack Killer (A Divine Petition For The Stopping Of Froglegs On The Menu)

"Litoria's Victim" demo
Pitiless Anuran Eminence
Frogpriests Of Rana
Sphaenorhynchus lacteus (Hatchet Faced Treefrog Jam)
Old Man Toadface