Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vaginal Lobotomy, Oligodendroglioma & Phyllomedusa Split

Here's a weird and odd mix of sound for your shithuman ears. Slimedoom meets Pseudo-science meets virus-ridden obscurity.

Oligodendroglioma - StaticVerminousNeurotics
Computational Tools Causing Optical Delusional Disorder
Disturbed Cerebral Hemispheres
Disturbed Cerebral Hemispheres (remix)
Gastroenterology Captured by Baboons
Neglecting the Primary Symptoms of Oligodendroglioma
Neglecting the Primary Symptoms of Oligodendroglioma (remix)
Quantitative Methods For Error Filtration
Random Fluctuations Of Fractal Dimensions
Simulated Correlations Between Mental Fatigue And Cognitive Difficulties
Static Vectors of Pseudo-Science
Wrong Paterns

Vaginal Lobotomy
Inextinguishably Ugre to Depravity
Human Papilloma Virus
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Into Plasmodium Paradise
Corpulent Malignant Melanoma
Hematological Malignancy
Child Erotophonophilia
Fecal Alcohol Syndrome

Phyllomedusa - Salmonella Sickness
Insect Control Within The Phyllobates Infested Arboretum
Voluminouic Vegetation For The Adumbraetion Of Hyla rufitela
Asexual Froth Protection
The Tungara Detergent
Torrid Land, Now Moist, Rain Frog Emanation
The Green-Skinned Carnivore
Czar Frogmeister - Bizarre Biogenetic Experiment Turned King of Frogs
Ecnomiohyla echinata (The Oaxacan Fringe-limbed Treefrog)
The Incredible Shedding Frog
Oxygen Through Skin, Chainsaw Through Human