Monday, June 14, 2010

Battus & Ascaris split tape

This is one of the worst tapes I think I've recorded/put together. It really sucks...from each of our sides. And I love it. It's stupidly unstructured. Not a fun listen. Limited to 10 and released on Sloth Clatter Media in '09?

Gathering to kill it
Vein Colony I
Vein Colony II
Blood Serpent
Neuro Serpent
Gastro Serpent
Approx. 150 eggs laid

All parasitic noise by Trichinella Spiralis

The Baltimore
Graphium marcellus
Perched on Lavender
Diacrisia virginica
Death's Head
Subcosta Absent
Trapped In My Cocoon
The Black Swallowtail

Sounds by Mattus