Monday, May 17, 2010

Phyllomedusa - soundTrack For The Reptile House

Frog enthusiasts (should) tell you amphibians don't like loud noises, and lots of erratic movements. That is where this piece of gribble comes in. I sent this release to the local MD Zoo & Aquarium, to be played in their reptile house/exhibit. This release is not for humans, but the amphibians themselves to listen too. With the help of Embryo on the noted tracks, this release (except the last two songs) is our version of "Zoo/Aquarium Exhibit Sounds".

No synths were used during the recording of this either. This is total DIY. Everything besides the voice and battery is produced by a guitar.

Cold Blooded Epiphanies
Lunatical Sooglossid Obsession
Egregiously Humid Non-Hominid Paludaerium
Heqat Rituals
Egregiously Humid Non-Hominid Paludaerium (Embryo's Composition)
Cold Blooded Epiphanies (Embryo's Composition)*
Staring At You Staring At Us*
Sweet (Waxy Monkey) Leaf (Frog)*

*being bonus croaktunes