Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crustacea Zoëa Larvae - '09 Demo Tape aka "Orange Tomalley"

This was recorded before the "Crab vs Frog" split. As you can see this tape has the same track titles as "The Liquid Path", but are very different in sound. The idea was to try and capture more of a deep ocean, rough sound more so than the previous releases. But for whatever reason I scrapped it. Only 10 copies were printed on orange paper. Released on Sloth Clatter Media.

This was ripped straight from the tape and remastered recently. 

Blue Blood (Demo)
Coenobita clypeatus (Demo)
Exoskeleton Of The Glypheoid (Demo)
Erimacrus isenbeckii (The Horsehair Crab) (Demo)
Antrimpos speciosus (Demo)
Sand Flea Eggs (Demo)
Argulus onodai (Parasitic Crustacea) (Demo)
Ocypode simpsoni (Demo)
Realm Of The Mermaid's IX (Demo)